Week 56 at work

A week of blue skies and hot weather made a welcome change. I got up to:

  • Started full steam ahead with using Basecamp for our projects and it has already highlighted¬†little details with big impacts that could easily with slipped by. I’m already noticing a reduction in meetings which is great
  • Had our quarterly meeting with our major funder Arts Council England. Lots of hard work last week in preparing for this meeting paid off.
  • Paul and I discussed how we can get cracking with using an iPad as a way to record and edit audio instead of pocket recorders
  • Ran a half day kick-off meeting Aardman and University of Bristol for a new project
  • Chopped it up with the education team about why we blog and how they can get started. I was pleased to hear others are also interested in blogging so I hope to run a series of mini workshops soon
  • Met with Stephen Gray to see what plans he has for using an oculus rift headset in our Moved by Conflict exhibition.
  • Enjoyed my regular meeting with our IT Services account manager. I fed back about our Arts Council plans for 2015-18 and discussed how we could best have a voice in any IT strategy seeing as we are the customer after all
  • Contributed to our monthly senior management team session
  • Had a sudden lightbulb moment about the direction for the website ‘phase 2’ and got to planning it
  • Spent some time reflecting on how difficult change is in an organisational culture
  • Enjoyed an end of week drink with a fair few colleagues as we said farewell to a few members of staff


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