Week 48 at work

A four day week due to a bank holiday made coming back to work easier:

  • This week the new proposed service structure was released
  • Produced and released our first ebook internally for use by our visitor assistants. The ebook covers all procedures for our current exhibition English Magic, background information on the artist and an introduction to ‘what is contemporary art?’
  • Worked out all the old website traffic redirects that we’ll start to place in place throughout June
  • Took hold of some ibeacons for a citywide app that we agreed to be part of
  • Met with Isla from the collections team to look at how we can start to use 3D printing
  • Reviewed our exhibition evaluation plan with the programming team
  • Agreed what stuff I needed to get ready for the Arts Council end of year report
  • Reviewed and tweaked the Bristol Record Office web pages

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