Bootstrap your service and make money

I regularly read this piece of advice by Jason Fried of 37 signals on practicing to make money. With the public sector knuckling down to boost revenue and “act more business-like” I think there is much to learn from internet and digital-focused businesses. As a new team, i REALLY think it pays to act like a business unit within the organisation as we have yet to prove our worth in some folks eyes. I’m betting making money will help change that.

Read How to Get Good at Making Money from the creator of basecamp, which many of use.

Understand the buyer

…I made the discovery that people’s reasons for buying things often don’t match up with the company’s reason for selling them.

Understanding what people really want to know—and how that differs from what you want to tell them—is a fundamental tenet of sales. And you can’t get good at making money unless you get good at selling.

People are happy to pay for things that work well.

I can’t say enough about bootstrapping. Whether you’re starting your first business or your next one, my advice is to bootstrap it.

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