Week 20

This week, in between three days out at events, my mind began to wander towards our team and service activity for 2014. In short I have been thinking about the scope of the work, embedding digital into our daily activity (hat tip to Michael Edson) and getting things done. After a few months to settle in, I now have clean air to run in with a better sense of some actionable work. I must focus and ensure we ‘DO’ now. Here at the highlights of the week:
  • I attended the local tedx event, Tedxbristol 2013. Lots of students in attendance who I enjoyed earwigging
  • World usability Day hosted at the M Shed and a great 1 track affair with a diverse agenda
  • Disaster planning
  • Team catch ups and progress meetings
  • Reviewed the student as producer project requirements before their deadline
  • Uk Museums on the web 2013 hosted at Tate Modern in London. 120 or so of my peers in a 1 track informal series of talks about work recently done and plans for 2014. I met a very friendly and supportive bunch who I look forward to working with in the near future. The 5:30am bus to London I enjoyed less!
  • Discovered youtube tv which enables you to send videos to your TV from any device on the same network.
  • Released v1 of our service Digital Principles into the wild. These will really help us in the coming months and support the digital strategy which is coming soon. The 8 principles began life as over 150 scraps of paper that I collected from conversations with my team, other groups in the sector, the service, funders and partners.

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