GDS Service Manual – the ebook

Back in July Jukesie asked if I could knock out the GDS Service Manual for his commute and as a handy guide to refer back to.

I completely forgot I did this ebook and meant to stick it online somewhere so here it is…kinda. It was a bit of a rush so PLEASE do let me know about missing/broken bits.

I have the EPUB version (ipad, tablets of all flavours etc) and Kindle kicking around. As I am still on holiday the epub will have to do for now as I don’t have access to my FTP and WordPress has a 2mb limit (aargh).

Soon I will post the epub and Kindle properly, not from my phone abroad when I’m meant to be offline !

Note that I purposefully left out the YouTube videos as myself and others may not regularly have WiFi so I figured this was a fair compromise. If there is interest in the video I can put one out.

I hand coded this file so there may be errors which are likely mine!

I hope you’ll find it useful as I know Matt Jukes and I have.




2 Replies to “GDS Service Manual – the ebook”

  1. As a civil servant in Her Majesty’s government and a loyal member of the government digital service (GDS), thank you 🙂

    I’ve read more of our service manual in one sitting via my eBook reader, than I’ve done in weeks.

    Brilliant work Zak 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks James,

    I really enjoy tinkering with making digital books and was happy to make this. Initially I thought I could just put the code from github but it needed lots of cleaning to validate for epub so I learnt a lot. I think it took 20hrs in the end, mostly cleaning and discovering new pages that aren’t available from the main listings.

    Really glad it has found a new happy reader!

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