Oxford Chill out gloves

Riding in cold windy rainy conditions is completely fine save the trouble keeping the visor clear and wet hands.

Riding gloves keep my hands dry for about an hour but eventually they get very sodden which leads to cold hands and risk of an accident. My solution to date has been to switch to a dry pair but for long rides this is not workable as i’d need up to five pairs.

Enter the Oxford Chill out ‘inner’ gloves which claim to be waterproof and I hope so to keep my paws dry. I picked a pair up today for £11 in the sale.

They also claim to be comfortable but my first impression is that each finger feels like it has newspaper stuffed into them.

As an aside, the product photo on the website has to be one of the least attracting product photos I have ever encountered.

I will write about my success with the rain as soon as it rains next – shouldn’t be too long then.

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