A web service that allows you to quickly knock together a site for your upcoming events without much hassle. Currently in a limited testing phase that I have been happy to test and give my two pennies to.

My first impressions are nothing but positive – quick, easy and one assumes affordable (?!) service that covers all of the essentials for those on a budget and/or limited resources who don’t need a complicated bespoke event site. I managed to build an event site in minutes.

I identified some initial niggles which I have fed back to the team which I am sure were already on their list.

I look forward to the upcoming updates and then the launch which can’t be far away.

Visit Eventstreamsapp

2 Replies to “Eventstreams”

  1. Cheers mate – several of the bugs you pointed out have been squashed already and I’ll be working on a screencast this weekend as you suggested.

    As for the ‘affordable’ question – that is the aim – though what that is going to mean in practice is still up in the air!

    1. Good stuff – for me it is also great to see a service grow from a notepad to the internets, I hope you write about the process in due time.

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