What I’m doing now

This is  a now page. You should make one too.


First and foremost me and my family are focusing on staying safe.  Today as I update this page, it is  the 14th March 2021 which marks exactly 1 year since our last family trip out – we visited ss Great Britain and M Shed in Bristol. All our trips in the past year have been to woods or fields, on foot or bicycle which must span a radius of about 5 miles!

Amongst the worry and work we’re playing with the kids as this time is super precious. We’re teaching them how to read, basic maths, how to cycle , use a computer and how to be bored. We have adventures in the garden and listen to all sorts of music together.

I’m back to running which is great but do missing having a running buddy. I still miss riding my motorcycle but there isn’t anywhere I need to be and the NHS is sorta busy so it can wait a little longer. I will replace my bike with a Honda VFR 800 this year.


I’m just over the 100 day mark as co-CEO of Birmingham Museums Trust. My job-share partner, Sara Wajid has been fantastic. Working part-time as job-share so far has been even better than I had hoped.   Due to the current national lockdown in England the museums are closed until at least 17 May.

We’re working remotely which I really enjoy as it has allowed many many more connections than possible if I’d been on-site.  A piece of our transformation puzzle this year will be how we can leap from fully remote to a suitable hybrid for the long term. I’m very much in the camp that remote working can/should remain as the benefits are pretty clear. Nothing is ever 100% perfect so of course the hard bit will be 20% that needs assistance to ensure it works long-term. As we have a blank canvas the work at the moment is leaning towards focusing on what’s important over what is urgent.

Updated 14th  March 2021