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Staying in the loop

Our staff and my team are distributed across 7 sites so I think of us as being remote workers rather than co-located. Yet our tools are very much configured for co-location. As with most of the world, email is our primary tool yet it’s very poor for communication on projects, or working with multiple people as unless you CC everyone it’s impossible to stay in the loop.

In order to address the shortcomings of email there are hundreds of tools, often badged as “productivity” tools to carry on where email stops being helpful. At our service i’ve been introducing several tools that allow for groups to post messages, review other messages and make informed decisions by being in the loop with ALL key people.  I have been receiving less out of context email, picked up mistakes or potential issues much earlier and after holiday and paternity leave I’m able to jump straight back in to the mix.

I got started by reading the excellent guides on 43 Folders and Getting Things Done by David Allen

We all know email is only one tool in our toolkit, is it time you explored additional ways and means for yourself and longer term to foster a better working culture?

Museums, Notes

Week 58 at work

A significant reduction in emails and meetings means it truly is summer holiday time. Allowing me to:

  • Put out a call for a Marketing and Communication Officer maternity cover post [I'd call it part Content strategist]
  • Finally went on our staff induction tour which was fantastic and led by Ray Barnett.
  • Agreed on our White City exhibition which will run at Bristol Record Office from 7th October
  • Got very close to completing a secret project [better to ask for forgiveness right!]
  • Spent a lot of my work planning activities for the rest of the year. We have finally moved to some better project planning processes and this took up a bunch of the week
  • Agreed our next batch of digitisation work
  • Remembered we’re playing chess not checkers