Sshhh you’re the not the co-located service you think you are

I work for Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives within the Bristol City Council local authority. Every assumption is that we’re a bunch of co-located teams and services. Yet the 10,000 plus email I’ve received says otherwise. I go days and weeks without seeing many folks within our service and I think we’re unknowingly actually a distributed or remote team. Our offices are spread thinly across 10 plus sites and that’s without the local authority aspects. Meeting spaces are elusive as is bumping into team mates. Our ways of thinking, our tools, processes etc are all working to this co-located fantasy. The trouble with this is that we then blame email and meetings for not letting is focus.

I wonder if we accepted that we’re really remote teams if we could shift for the better.

See you at the water cooler.

PS worth a read is 37signals REMOTE on the subject.

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Week 67 at work

Although I only worked on a few thing this week it was a LONG week:

  • Finished the required draft of our Audience Development Strategy
  • Met with our Service Director to give an overview of our digital roadmap for 2015-18 and define our next steps
  • Spoke at the Museum Association 2014 conference about ‘The perfect museum website’. We had space for 40 people and ended up with the walls lined and folks on the floor!
  • Attend a learning workshop for our Digital R&D for the Arts project in Manchester

Next week i’m looking at our budget, open badges and preparing for running workshops later this year.

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Week 66 at work

This was a week when I really noticed the lost of staff through voluntary severance. More is more and less is less.

  • workshop all day about enterprise and resilience with Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery and Tyne and Wear Archives and museum
  • meeting in London (Imperial War Museum) on behalf of my director at the National Museum Directors’ Council about the European Union legislation on reuse of Public Sector Information
  • announced our ¬£125,000 Digital R&D fund for the Arts project called ‘The Hidden Museum’ with partners Aardman and the University of Bristol – ibeacons, sensors and new ways to engage audiences.
  • interviewed internally for a temp post with the South West Museum Development team
  • audience development strategy writing
  • agreed to step in at next weeks Museum Association conference to talk in a panel type session about our website with Martin Bazley
  • found out we’ll have a new director in Jan 2015 – my third in less than 18 months!
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Week 64 at work

This week I managed to:

  • Agreed¬†our marketing strategy for the remainder of 2014-15
  • Conducted a walk around of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery with Kerrie from Marketing to see what needs improving
  • Reviewed our 2015-2016 public programme which included a looong gantt chart!
  • Interviewed a number of people for our Marketing and Comms Officer maternity cover and made an offer
  • Developed our audience development plan ahead of our 10th October deadline
  • Talking with Suzanna from Westonbirt Arboretum to give advice on an upcoming app project
  • Worked on sprint 2 for our still unannounced project
  • Setup a new email rule to reduce my email distractions